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Defensya is a technology based company that worships innovation, design, art of inventing and making things right. Research and development are the key elements of our business.

We are specialized in all aspects of a vision system, Defensya we have developed and manufactured items such as video monitors, management systems, image, audio and data (including compression, decompression, encryption, decryption and storing all that information for multiple channels synchronously), lighting (LED and laser-based high power) and cameras.

In Defensya we have proved experience in the development of electrical and electronic software. We have conducted projects in fields like aerospace, Defence, monitoring and control of industrial processes, electronic design, acquisition and signal processing, sensors and embedded systems, and we have made or are making at this moment developments in areas such as scadas, data analysis, security, cryptography, neural networks, learning systems, artificial intelligence, etc.

We have registered more than twenty patents, some of them flying actually in aircrafts like the A330MRTT tanker for which we designed the current vision system. Nowadays we have developed a 3rd generation vision system that improves the previous version solving many current problems.

We are a company dedicated to develop and sell technology products and to supervise the work of other engineering companies, properly auditing their work and results.

Our clients include the Spanish Defence Department and companies like Airbus Defence&Space.


Defensya offers knowledge engineering, information technology and imagination to provide generation services able to turn their ideas into reality.

The Defensya engineering consortium is divided into three pillars: Electronics, Mechanics and Optics (Optitech Defensya). Each of which is dedicated to specifically meet the needs of Defence, Aviation and Industrial sectors.

Declaración de la Política de Calidad

Defensya understands that the development of our activity suggest the adoption of management procedures to ensure the quality, safety and environmental friendliness. That's why we have management systems certified by reputable organizations that endorse our actions in matters of quality management according to ISO:9001 and according to the EN:9100 Aerospace Quality Management.

Evaluación y Medición a Proveedores

Defensya understands that the development of our activity suggest the adoption of management procedures to ensure the quality, safety and environmental friendliness. That's why we have management systems certified by reputable organizations that endorse our actions in matters of quality management according to ISO:9001 and according to the EN:9100 Aerospace Quality Management.


Defensya has made a major commitment to extend its geographical location and remove borders, providing technological solutions worldwide. We have representatives in Spain, France, Colombia and USA.



Automatic Refueling

Air-to-Air Refueling (AAR) has thus far been an art that is performed manually. Although the involved skill and technology have proved to be an important “force-multiplier”, allowing receiver aircraft to be employed more efficiently, current capabilities are bound by the limitations in human performance.

Improvement on the present state of the art can be found in automation. Automation can offer significant AAR task performance increase beyond human ability. Automation can be implemented to various levels. Defensya has coined A3R®, for Automatic or Automated Air-to-Air Refueling, and A4R®, denoting Autonomous or Assisted, Automatic or Automated Air-to-Air.

Defensya defines these levels of automation as follows: A3R® constitutes boom/receptacle or probe/drogue AAR where the boom or hose-drogue system is not actively controlled by an operator. Other activities besides controlling of these respective Aerial Refueling (AR) conduits still make (partially) use of operator manipulation and the operator is still able to intervene and take control of the aerial refueling mechanism. A4R® constitutes boom/receptacle or probe/drogue AAR where neither the boom or hose-drogue system nor any other AAR system state transitions/activities are actively controlled by an operator. A tanker aircraft may or may not be flown unmanned by this definition.

Advantages of A3R® and A4R® present themselves in improved effectiveness through the ability to perform the AAR task more expeditiously and more accurately, while putting less strain on AR system components as well as through the ability to better deal with adverse environmental conditions that impair a human operator. Increased effectivity in turn translates into markedly more efficient AAR operations, where more fuel is available for transfer to receiver aircraft or otherwise saved.

An important part of Defensya’s portfolio is continued development of A3R® and A4R® enabling technologies. Defensya has extensive and diverse solutions available to make automation of AAR with performance surpassing that of manual AAR a realistic possibility today. This can be achieved without affecting a receiver aircraft’s design or enhanced to an even higher standard with benign, mildly invasive modification.

One such enhancing modification is inclusion of Boomerang® in the A3R®/A4R® system design solution. Boomerang® consists of enhancing precision in receptacle localizing and enabling AR system latencies to be lowered to such values that allow for AAR operations continuation even under very turbulent conditions.

Of note is Defensya’s Haptix® technology for manual AR boom control. Haptix® is an end-effector type of manual control, including haptic properties, allowing for a natural, entirely intuitive way of controlling AR boom movements to achieve contact with a receiver aircraft’s receptacle. Haptix® thus facilitates easier transition from manual AAR operations to A3R®, offering possibilities to significantly reduce training and currency requirements for Aerial Refueling Operators (AROs), allowing them to increasingly take up a monitoring role in the realm of AAR automation.




Defensya has a team of highly qualified specialists to handle any type of project focused on the Defence sector. After over twenty years of experience in this sector, our results support the efficacy of our company.

Our capabilities allow us to carry out projects related to electronics, electromechanical and optical fields. Our more than twenty patents demonstrate our innovative capability in solving the problems of our customers.


In Defensya design, develop and manufacture devices and systems for the aviation sector. It is electronic, optical and mechanical systems to provide solutions to specific problems within this sector.

Defensya transforms technology concepts, services and solutions designed to meet the needs of each client.

In order to obtain results of the highest quality, we work with companies that help us and audited in the manufacture of the final products. In collaboration with Mesurex Aeronautics we offer a specific and dedicate range of products and services in the aeronautical sector.


In search of the development of intelligent solutions, Defensya has acquired its own optical equipment, thanks to the acquisition of an optical company.

Defensya manufactures components for military, aerospace and scientific sectors as well as optoelectronic industry. Additional services include the analysis and processing of materials, design, re-engineering, R&D studies, set-up, machining and polishing a wide range of materials such as glass, glasses, ceramics and certain metals.

We are specialized in quartz working, essential in many tasks where high temperature conditions the use thereof. From a single piece or a prototype to a small or medium series, Defensya adapts specifically to the requirements of each client.


Microscope objectives
Optical windows
Beam splitters
Quartz components

3D manufacturing

At Defensya we have the last 3D manufacturing systems. We have available manufacturing machines using laser sintering of aluminum parts, steel, titanium, chrome-cobalt and others of different qualities. We also have several manufacturing machines to make prototypes in different plastic materials, sizes and features.

Our design team is at your disposal for any need you may have in this field, our own facilities allow us a more efficiently design and manufacturing.


Within the healthcare sector, we would bring the following solutions:

Supply prosthetics: The ability of our company to manufacture titanium parts and other sanitary materials by laser sintering allow us to face this market with the best credentials.
Engineering solutions to specific problems: This is an analysis of specific problems in the healthcare area and our experience to find technical solutions to them.
Electronic Devices: Our knowledge of electronics, electro-optics locate us in a good position to meet the design and manufacture of these devices to meet the needs of this sector.


In this section you can access to your services as a Defensya customer.



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